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Pengula, Glittery Vampire Penguin Pin. The Children of the Night, what music they make! Pengula is a vampire penguin, he became a vampire after eating expired Jammie Dodgers and now craves JAM! He will suck the jam from all your biscuits! Jam being a preserve is immortal so now Pengula lives forever!


This hard enamel penguin pin features the lovely Pengula with glittery red cape and hypnotic glittery eyes. Perfect for your Gothic friend who also love penguins!


Pinguins make great letter box gifts to cheer up anyone and come gift wrapped in a lovely striped sweetie bag with a mini print.

Pengula Vampire Penguin Pin Hard Enamel Pin

SKU: Pengulapin
  • Dimensions: 3cms Tall

    Made From: Silver coloured nickel with red rubber clutch and specially designed backing card, ready to gift.

    Packaging: All our pins come wrapped individually in a striped sweetie bag with a postcard sized penguin mini print.

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