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Large Penguin Ornament, Needle Felted Big Penguin decoration. This big penguin is the perfect mascot for Penguin Lovers, he is satisfyingly large! 

A truly MASSIVE penguin, this penguin ornament is the boss of all penguins, he's responsible for all their shenanigans and if there's penguin trouble about you can bet he's behind it!

Standing at around 3 inches tall this penguin dwarfs his brothers and sisters! He is perfectly formed though with yellow beak and feet and a little black tail for balance!

Made from:

Needle felted from 100% organically farmed merino wool tops and New Zealand wool ball.

1 supplied, does not include biscuits

Needle Felted Penguin BIG Roly Poly Penguin Ornament

  • Approx 10-11cms tall and rolly poly wide

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