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Make 100 Eco Octopi Project

In January 2021, 102 Kickstarter Backers Helped bring my Octopus project to life. The goal was to highlight plastic in our oceans and the impact of humans on marine life. I wondered how Octopuses, one of the most otherworldly and intelligent aquatic creatures, might interact with man's cast offs. The project aimed to make 100 Octopuses, you can see most of them below in the galleries or check out the oiginal project page on Kickstarter.

Needle Felted Octopi


Single use plastic straws were banned from sale in the UK October 2020, along with plastic drink stirrers and cotton buds. The ban is part of the government’s commitment to eliminating all avoidable plastic waste over the lifetime of the 25 Year Environment Plan.

Click on the gallery below to scroll through all the images, can you see your octopus?

Needle Felted Purple Octopus
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Needle Felted Purple Octopus with Straw
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Needle Felted Purple Octopus with Straw
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Nets And Fishes

Single serve anything is pretty annoying when it's made of plastic, these soy sauce bottles are pretty cute but they are the thing that sparked this project when I found one on the beach, I also found one in the drain for my building when it got blocked so it's something small enough to fit through a plug hole. Small items are often not recycled as sorting machinery misses them and they are hard to clean.

The nets came from fruit, vegetables and sweet bags, these can be recycled with carrier bags but not many people know this so more often than not they end up in land fill. At my local supermarket the carrier bag recycling box is hidden away so you wouldn't even know it was there.


My dad had a rubber duck obsession and when we heard the story about the rubber ducks that fell overboard we laughed so hard but I guess this was the first time I thought about plastics in the ocean.

A shipment of rubber ducks fell from a cargo ship in the Pacific in 1992 and have been helping scientists track hidden ocean currents ever since. The ducks have been found all over the world since and scientists can track hitherto unknown currents because of them!

Over 28000 of them are roaming the oceans! I wonder what they've encountered on their travels?.


very year 8.5 million toys are thrown away in the UK alone, about 80% of these are plastic and yes, some end up in the ocean. Living at the seaside is great but in the summer tourists buy plastic buckets and spades and beach toys for pennies and then just leave them in the beach when they go home... I've had the same bucket and spade for 20 years!

Guess where these toys end up? Yep... a lot of them end up in the sea! I mean this guy is happy with his dinosaur but a lot of sealife isn't and these plastic toys break up into smaller pieces which end up in their stomachs.

The army men were one of the few things I bought for the project, you get 100 army men for £1, that's a lot of plastic that will be around for years. We need to make smarter choices with the toys we buy children. We need to place more value on these things and cherish them.