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Stunning needle felted Puffin Ornament, resplendent with iconic beak and orange eye markings. This little Puffin would make a great gift for the bird watcher in your life. Happy to perch on a shelf alongside your collection of ornithological books or colonise your desk this bird is a sweet addition to any room.


Puffins have an iconic look and can be found nesting in secluded cliff areas up and down the coast. That beak that makes them so recognisable is actually only "worn" in breeding season (to impress other puffins) and at other times the puffins beak becomes smaller and darker, and it's white face patches appear sooty.

Needle Felted Puffin, British Seabird Bird Standing Ornament

  • Large Puffin approx 9-10cms Chonky

    Small Puffin Approx 7-8cms Slimmer (but still chonky)

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