Melanie Ann Green

I am a needle felter and print maker living on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast in Scarborough.I studied textile design at Loughborough University School of Art and Design and graduated in 2001 with a degree in Multi Media textile design. I discovered Feltmaking when I took a course at the local community center and fell in love with the process. I started with wet felting, making handbags and brooches but soon moved on to needle felting as the more sculptural qualities and three dimensional aspects appealed to me.


I opened my first etsy shop to sell my work online in 2007, I decided to call it Feltmeupdesigns because everyone loves a good (or bad) pun. The birds of the Felt  Menagerie came from a lovely little woman called Beryl who lived upstairs from me, she fed birds on her window sill and the seed used to patter down on to my porch. She collected feathers and said that they were signs from the angels... I made my first bird for Beryl.

Since then there has been no stopping the advance of the felt bird army.I've made over 3000 birds and they are constantly changing, evolving and growing. I quit my day job in 2011 to concentrate full time on Feltmeupdesigns. I now supply several shops and galleries with my birds and sell online.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

The Snob Goblin

The Snob Goblin began as the deranged cousin to The Felt Menagerie. I began making goblins as Christmas presents for friends and enjoyed the process of creating little characters and their back stories so much that I decided to keep going.

The Snob Goblin became a place to keep all the parts of my personality that don't quite fit in with the Aesthetic of The Felt Menagerie. The Snob Goblin frequently goes to darker places but has a sense of humor and whimsy. This allows me to indulge my creative side and my dark side and play more with ideas.

Each goblin, spirit owl and creature is totally unique and one of a kind so the are only available though my Etsy Snob Goblin Shop