I have now completed 2 successful Kickstarter Campaigns and am currently working on making the rewards and creating an exhibition for the 3rd.

If you are interested in future Kickstarters please follow my profile here to be kept up to date on all things crowd funded.

Rainbow DoodleBirds Kickstarter Adventure

 In May 2015 I set out to do something which I'd been wanting to do for a while, I set out to raise funds to expand my product line to include Tea towels. I wanted to produce my Rainbow Doodle Birds design as a Tea towel so I set about researching lots of things. In the end I decided to do fund my idea using the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. I initially wanted to raise enough to produce my first 100 tea towels but things got exciting very quickly and my "little project" ended up 378% funded!!!

You can watch my Kickstarter video below and listen to me talk about the project or visit the original Kickstarter page here.

In less then 48 hours we'd already blasted through my first goal, I couldn't believe it! After that things got a little silly, I decided that we should raise more and expanded the project to include producing my rainbow doodle birds design on mugs and set a stretch goal to do so!

I set up a blog to find 50 ways to use a tea towel which ranged from sensible things like baking and crafts projects to some really silly things which ended up with me dressing up like a Super Hero, complete with mask and tea towel cape, and jumping around the park near Felt Towers!

Pretty soon we'd smashed through my 2nd stretch goal and I added mugs to the Kickstarter and found 10 uses for a mug on the blog! I learned I can pretty much cook you a 4 course meal... so long as you want it served in mugs!

My stretch goal smashed I decided to go for another even higher goal with my eye set on screen printing classes because then I could produce my own tea towels at some point in the future! And guess what? Yep! That got smashed too!  This means there will be screen printing adventures coming soon!

Setting my final goal in the last 48 hours I decided to go big and aim for £3000 so I could buy some screen printing equipment after my lessons. I thought it was a real stretch but pretty soon that goal was smashed too! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited!

The Kickstarter finished at 5.54pm on June 25th a whopping 378% Funded!Me and Mr Felt celebrated with a bottle of (cheap) bubbly drank from the Doodle Bird mug prototypes while fanning ourselves with the tea towel prototype!

I had a mad week running around fulfilling the orders, at this point I had forgotten I'd given myself until September to get them all posted! But it ws a good thing I did as the very next week I was offered a studio space and had to start running around like a mad thing to sort that out!

I'm so excited to be growing my business this way! Big Thanks to everyone who was involved in pledging, sharing and shouting about the Kickstarter who made it such a success! Me and Mr Felt will be having a very busy July!

Keep checking Facebook and the Blog for updates on how it's all going. I'm currently writng a blog series for people who are interested in running thier own Kickstarter campaign

Part 1: http://feltmeupdesigns.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/my-kickstarter-advice-part-1-before-you.html

You can order your Rainbow Doodle Bird mugs and tea towels by visiting my shop or from the mini store below. I aim to post out orders within 3 working days. These mugs and tea towels make great quirky gifts and are brilliant for keeping just for your self!